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Real Men's Counseling is not your typical therapists office

RMCC specializes in counseling, coaching and treating men, young and old, who are ready to make real changes in their lives. 

RMCC understands that men often express distress differently than do women.  We appreciate that men will take the biggest steps when they are comfortable and understand where you are asking them to go and why.

RMCC understands that not all behavior is intended to cause harm to or distress in others, but that too happens to men.  RMCC believes firmly that men in our culture need to be mentored, honed and shaped by other strong, compassionate men. 

That is why we are here 

RMCC uses strategies that make sense to men - straight forward, efficient, reflective, directive, and purposeful.  

By making it this far, reaching out for help, RMCC knows you are courageous.  You are courageous and real, perhaps in a way that many men will never understand.

You've found the right place.  Let's get you started.


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